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    Name: - Preston Lee
    Birthdate: - Tuesday, December 26 2006
    Age: - 11 years, 5 months, 26 days
  • Birth Weight: 10 lbs. 9.6 ozs.
  • Birth Length: 21 3/4 inches
  • Favorite food: Cereal of any kind
  • Favorite book: Anything with tractors
  • Favorite saying: "I have to go pee..." Gets a treat every time he goes. Smart one.
  • Latest trends: Sneaking cereal for a bedtime snack. Hilarious. Potty-training is going great! We just have to work on being dry through the night. Yeah!


    Name: - Thielke #3
    Expected: - Thursday, April 29 2010
    Countdown: - 8 years, 1 month, 23 days

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News Journal

(Monday, December 21 2009)

We had our first ultrasound on Friday and we found out that baby GIRL Thielke is doing great! Yes, you read it right, we are having a girl. So exciting! The due date has stayed the ...more

(Saturday, November 21 2009)

What an awesome November this has been! It is so nice to still be able to take our PE kids out to do outdoor activities, to see the daycare kids playing outside at Fran''s house when I pick ...more

(Sunday, October 18 2009)

Fall/Winter is surely upon us. Gotta love waking up in the morning and never know what season it is. The last two days have sure been beautiful. Since school has started, we have been extremely busy ...more

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    Name: - Mason Randall
    Birthdate: - Monday, April 4 2005
    Age: - 13 years, 2 months, 17 days
  • Favorite saying: "Why mom why?"
  • Favorite food: Papa''s meat, sweet corn, and potates
  • Favorite song: Single Ladies - wow, I know.
  • Favorite book: Anything to do with tractors
  • Latest trends: Sounding out his letters. Being able to say words that begin with what letters we are asking him to state.

Guestbook Entries

Steph P (Sunday, December 20 2009)

Congratulations on the news of a baby GIRL coming!

GrMa T (Wednesday, November 4 2009)

We love the picture updates. Wow you boys are growing so fast and you look so much older.Hey Mason and preston, Papa is still busy in the field. Its going to be a long fall!!!!Anyway keep the pictures coming.we ...more

uncle chris & aunt trace (Sunday, October 18 2009)

Yay, back on with posting of kids! :) Keep it up. Love yous and miss you guys.

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